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Return mail and donation payments were processed manually for many years. This incurred intense labour, was very slow and needed higher accountability and compliance. The customer wanted to pursue an advanced workflow solution to process donations. We set out to provide the fundraiser with a single-supplier streamlined scan and capture system.

Smartcomm’s solution

  • We suggested that the fundraiser outsource its data capture and payment processing service to Smartcomm.
  • Smartcomm was able to recommend process improvements to reduce time and costs for data capture and transmission.
  • We scan each mail item that is returned with sensitive data using world-recognised character recognition scanning software.
  • Smartcomm collates this data using automation and sends it back to the client via secure File Transfer Protocol every week.


  • Smartcomm’s fully-monitored secure environment provides a single-supplier scan and capture system. This enhances Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard protocol compliance and further improves protection from data breaches and theft.
  • The character recognition software offers a safe, accurate and reliable scanning solution. It handles everything from document capture and recognition to complex data extraction and process automation.
  • Change of address data is flagged against original files to ensure accuracy. This provides significant cost savings.
  • Using Smartcomm’s inbound mail handling solution has freed up two full-time employees to work across the foundation.
  • The fundraiser no longer needs to lease expensive mail processing equipment.

Like to streamline your payment processing and protect your customer data? Smartcomm can help. 

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