Understand your customers. Deliver them data-driven communication.

Smartcomm excels in segmenting customer data. We enable you to deploy personalised and targeted communications to your customers. Smartcomm can support your business with end-to-end document scan and data capture, security, data analysis and data cleansing.

Data enrichment

Knowing when, where and how to connect with your customers is vital. Personalised and targeted communications deliver a higher return on investment. We’ll help you organise and analyse your data to build an accurate picture of who your customers really are.

  • Analysis and insight into customers and prospects
  • Segmentation, triggers and campaign response behaviour strategies
  • Campaign and client-specific business rules
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Data reporting and campaign measurement

  • Fully integrated reporting solution
  • Complete visibility of campaign performance
  • Real time reporting to view results
  • My Social Dashboard
  • Helps to determine improvements in response rates and overall campaign effectiveness
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Data security

Our well-established quality assurance program – and internal security systems – ensure we can process your sensitive customer data, in an secure and controlled environment.

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Data integrity

We’ll keep your data clean and up-to-date. Maintain the integrity of your data by automating washes, validating scripts and removing duplication.

  • Smartcomm can help with mailing address, email and mobile number validation
  • We can automate deceased washes
  • Ask us about the National Change of Address Register, Do Not Mail and Do Not Call Registers

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