Combining email marketing with SMS packs a powerful punch.

Integrate your channels, engage your customers, increase your ROI. We create and deliver creative communication across every channel.

Combining SMS with email is the perfect way to make sure your messages stand out and your conversions soar. Simplify your direct marketing campaigns,  use our integrated workflows and target your customers across multiple channels.

Multi-channel approach

What’s great about an integrated communication strategy? Repeating the same, consistent message in a variety of places can help you build brand loyalty.

Reach your audience on the platforms that they use and value the most. Smartcomm offers a seamless integration of your email, SMS, MMS, mobile and  printed mail campaigns.

Email marketing

Smartcomm has everything you need to run beautifully-designed, professional email marketing campaigns. It’s simply one of the most powerful ways to reach your customers. We can help with:

  • Personalised email broadcasts
  • Personalised unique, fully trackable landing pages
  • Multi-channel integration with SMS, MMS and printed mail campaigns
  • Send time optimisation
  • Marketing automation

Modular template development

Smartcomm partners with you to develop digital creative with impact. We’ll develop a template library that will ensure brand consistency, with variable modules and data-driven content. Change the way you communicate!

  • Get creative with email and MMS marketing: Desktop, Mobile, Responsive.
  • We design engaging, eye-catching templates that work across iOS, Android and Web Apps.

Get your message across with SMS

Your customers don’t want to miss important information. They’ll be glad to receive anything that’s urgent information or immediately actionable via text. SMS (short message service) is brilliant for:

  • Results! 95% of text messages are read and responded to within 3 minutes of receipt. Source: Marketing Technology Insights, accessed 11 July 2022 
  • Immediate and time-sensitive communication
  • Real-time engagement
  • Reminders
  • Freight and delivery notifications
  • Lead capture for event-based marketing

Tell your story with Multimedia Messaging (MMS)

Looking for an emotional connection? MMS lets you tell your story with video, audio, images and more words than SMS. Richer content captures attention, connects to the heart and generates excitement. We love it for:

  • Emotive campaigns
  • Announcing promotional offers, coupons, discounts and sales
  • Brand engagement and storytelling
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Marketing automation

Stay ahead of the curve! Marketing automation has revolutionised the email and SMS landscape. Smartcomm delivers integrated digital campaigns for some of Australia’s biggest brands.

  • Use powerful marketing automation to route your contacts based on their behaviours and preferences
  • Targeted variable messaging delivers a deeper level of personalisation
  • Generate optimal results while maintaining personal relationships with your customers
  • Agile build expertise to execute your ideas
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Platform management

Smartcomm is your platform specialist. Our digital platforms enable us to guide your strategy, build templates, execute campaigns and analyse campaign ROI. We maximise user experience and guide you through upgrades or transitions.

Watch: Smartcomm’s founder Rod talks about multi-channel communication and the evolution of digital

We can help you reach your people through direct marketing, on demand and variable data print, SMS and mass emails. Not only that, we can support you with data capture, return mail, archiving, warehouse management and distribution.

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