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What your business needs to make “data-driven” more than a buzzword

To have an effective data-driven process, you need to know why you’re collecting information. Is it to understand who your customers are and their motivations? Maybe you’re trying to get to the bottom of a consistent decline in sales. Or you’re attempting to discover what drives consumer choices in a competitive industry without significant product or service distinctions.

Seven new strategies to improve the omnichannel customer experience

What is omnichannel communication, and how does it work? Customers are seeking an experience, not simply a product, according to companies that value customer experience. We must properly interact with our customers in order for this experience to be successful.

The most important things to know about direct mail marketing

As a business-to-business (B2B) enterprise, your marketing efforts can be strengthened by a proven direct mail marketing strategy that is tested and refined over time. In short, do not give up on direct mail just because you’re already putting time and resources into digital marketing.

How to run a successful text message marketing campaign

Learn how to run a successful text message marketing campaign for your small business. Text message marketing is more personal than other forms of marketing and can help a business gain traction.

5 technology and business trends for 2022 and beyond

Technology, talent, and trust are top priorities for the coming year. Executives are rethinking how they operate all along the value chain. The road to post-COVID recovery is long—and for many, the journey will be uphill. Global inflation is rising. The talent market is tightening. And supply chain disruption abounds.

Break thru noise

How direct mail combines the intimacy of ritual, the impact of physicality and the power of data-driven relevance to send a signal that resonates.