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  • Storage needs expanded massively at the start of the pandemic. The provider did not have space to store COVID-19 stock and personal protective equipment.
  • Stock needed to be warehoused in a temperature-controlled environment.
  • The provider needed an online warehouse inventory management and distribution solution that could support multiple users, large volumes of stock and which had full reporting capabilities.
  • The supply chain needed to be agile, secure and responsive. Speed to market was critical to ensuring supply chain stability.
  • Inventory and orders needed to be fully trackable.

Smartcomm’s solution

We proposed our stock management portal, Smartflo, to the customer. This solution delivered real-time access to the COVID-19 stock. Multiple employees are now able to order on demand through Smartflo. Smartcomm can:

  • pick and pack with speed
  • despatch stock with accuracy and accountability to multiple locations
  • monitor track and trace through Smartflo
  • offer more storage if needed at our temperature-controlled 100-bay warehouse.


  • Rolling stock forecasting enables the provider to manage its COVID-19 stock supply chain effectively.
  • Inventory management is automated.
  • The provider can self-service stock orders and request delivery to multiple locations through Smartflo.
  • Order tracking is integrated with local courier GPS tracking.
  • Climate-controlled storage ensures the integrity of COVID-19 stock.
  • COVID-19 stock can be delivered within 24 hours.

Like real-time access to your stock in storage? Smartcomm can help. 

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