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Our customer was looking to outsource mailroom functions to Smartcomm. The fundraiser had an onsite mailroom for twenty-plus years. Operating the mailroom involved full-time employment for several staff and ongoing lease costs for expensive mail processing machinery. At the same time, they were hoping to improve and speed up print and mail processes, including personalising for distribution to a full digital colour print and data process.

Smartcomm’s solution

We’re always on the look-out for better ways to streamline, automate and synchronise your processes.

  • Smartcomm brought the fundraiser’s print and mail function in house.
  • Smartcomm receives the raw data from the fundraiser daily via secure File Transfer Protocol. Digital print and mail process as one data stream, as opposed to batch processing.
  • All data streams are consolidated to optimise volume postage discounts and gain further efficiencies and postage savings.
  • Integrated data streams support speed to market and better management of the information printed and sent to customers.


  • Smartcomm is helping this fundraiser save money and streamline processes.
  • Outsourcing dailies to Smartcomm provides flexibility when it comes to any changes. It provides speed to market and has the potential to further optimise postage savings.
  • The fundraiser no longer needs to lease expensive mail processing machinery. This frees up space and frees staff to work in other areas of the business
  • We helped the customer to improve form templates consistency. Scanning is now more efficient.
  • Instead of the fundraiser printing inhouse on multiple letterhead shells, Smartcomm is now full colour laser digital printing on plain paper. This is reducing costs and print waste.
  • The implementation phase helped identify areas where the fundraiser can update its data output to achieve data processing efficiencies in the future.

Like to make your fundraising dollars work smarter? Smartcomm can help. 

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