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We work with a major fundraising organisation that supports health, research and education.  Processing data and payments effectively and securely is fundamental to its fundraising success.


Donations were processed manually. Manual data entry brings challenges: it is time consuming, has margins for human error and validation may take days if data is missing or illegible. The fundraiser had outsourced the donation data entry to a third party.

The old system was delivering a high volume of exceptions.  Exceptions are forms that cannot be scanned and successfully processed. The documents would need to be returned to the fundraiser so they could call the customer and validate the missing data. This was taking days to review and resolve.

Smartcomm’s solution

Our solution provides the fundraiser with a single supplier to provide an end-to-end document scan and data capture system. Smartcomm scans these documents using some of the world’s best character recognition software. It handles everything from document capture and recognition to complex data extraction and process automation.


  • The customer’s PCI-compliance was strengthened. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ensuring strong protection from data breaches and theft.
  • Data accuracy improved.
  • Processing time is reduced. Manual intervention is minimised. Labour hours are reduced.
  • Content from documents via any channel, in any format, is automatically extracted, understood, and delivered, removing manual processing.

Like to streamline your document processing and data capture? Smartcomm can help.

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