What are Personal URLS?

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A personalised URL (PURL) is a unique and fully trackable online address that is exclusive to the individual recipient. As an example, a PURL for customer Tracey Smith could be ‘abcbusiness.com/Tracey.Smith’.

This PURL may greet Tracey by name, personalise content based on her preferences or information from a database, conduct a short survey and record her behaviour while on the site. The PURL could be a page on your website, a special offer, or a landing page created for a specific campaign.

PURLs are generally incorporated into personalised direct mail and eDM communications and are commonly used to gather customer and prospect data, drive leads and promote customer dialogue.


Studies have shown that PURLs catch a customer’s attention and are effective at boosting response rates.

Advantages of using a PURL in your next campaign include:

Customer dialogue and data retrieval – PURLs allow
you to start a direct dialog with your target audience
and are a great avenue for using incentivised surveys and questionnaires to improve the depth of your customer data.

Campaign tracking –PURL campaigns produce detailed tracking data, enabling you to quickly respond to customer feedback and improve future campaigns.

Deliver Relevant Leads – PURLs allow new prospect leads to be quickly followed up by sales staff.

Increased Return on Investment –PURLs allow messages to be personalised for a wide range of individuals, generating much higher conversion rates leading to a greater Return
on Investment.

Test and learn opportunities – PURLs create an opportunity to update customer communications without impacting costs. So with PURL technology you can undertake sophisticated campaign testing leading to better response rates down the line.

Cross media integration – PURLs are integrated within printed and eDM communications for c ross media promotions.


In today’s world of cluttered marketing messages, a SMART1:1 PURL allows you to send your customers to a personalised website with content matched to their individual tastes, all while gathering valuable data for future communications.
Our SMART1:1 personalised websites and landing pages can facilitate the creation of dynamic content including hyperlinks, variable text, images and prepopulated forms.

SMART1:1 PURLs provide full integration of your direct mail, email and online marketing. By incorporating a SMART1:1 PURL within your printed direct mail, this will drive your offline prospects online while also enabling analysis of both online and offline campaigns in one centralised system.

Using SMART1:1’s PURL technology, you have access to real-time campaign tracking. You’ll be able to see who has accessed their PURL online, even if they haven’t taken any further action, such as registering for an event. With this information, we can determine your most interested prospects and target your follow-up messaging.

By using our SMART1:1 PURL technology in your next direct marketing campaign, you’ll benefit from:

  • Increased response rates
  • The ability in real time to track responses and target your most profitable prospects
  • Engage customers at a deeper level by collecting valuable information from your prospects, and use that information 
to make future campaigns more targeted and relevant.


Our committed Account Managers can easily take you through our SMART1:1 PURL technology. We can even bring our technical and production staff for expert consultation to make sure we meet your unique business needs.

Our focus is always on understanding your business from your point of view. Whether you’re thinking about a single project or more integrated communications, our SMART1:1 technology will make sure your marketing dollars work smarter.
So call us to organise a personal demonstration today!

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