What is Variable Data Printing?

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Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a type of digital printing where elements such as text, imagery and graphics can be changed across multiple printed pieces without impacting the print process. VDP uses variable information from a database or external file to customise printed materials.

As an example, a set of personalised letters each using the same layout, can be printed with a different name, address, text and images. VDP is commonly used for direct marketing, customer relationship management, advertising, invoices, statements and applying addresses on self-mailers, brochures or postcards.


Personalised messaging – With VDP you can personalise messages using your database to target images, colours, artwork and text based on the customers unique demographics, recorded purchasing behavior and stage within the customer journey.

Increased Return on Investment –As VDP allows messages to be personalised for a wide range of individuals, intelligent use of VDP can generate much higher conversion rates leading to a greater Return on Investment.

Quick turn around times –VDP ensures customised materials can be printed within a very short time frame.
This provides the opportunity to send relevant and timely messages to prospective customers, enhancing the likelihood of conversion.

Detailed tracking and reporting –Direct mail pieces can
be customised using various codes, phone numbers, offers
or other means of tracking to determine the effectiveness
of each campaign element. This helps to maintain an effective ongoing marketing program.

Test and learn opportunities –VDP allows for limitless changes to each piece of communication without impacting costs. So with VDP technology you can undertake sophisticated campaign testing leading to better response rates down
the line.

Cross media integration –Information printed directly on mailed pieces can be integrated with cross media promotions i.e. QR Codes, PURL.


A one-size-fits-all communication approach no longer resonates with consumers. As a result, communication strategies have evolved toward targeted, 1:1 messaging with businesses seeing the ROI benefits of individualised and personalised communications.

With SMART1:1’s VDP technology, we can help with anything from simple addressing to advanced personalisation on promotional pieces. Our VDP technology will target your potential customers with campaigns specific to their individual needs and wants.

Our SMART1:1 VDP technology uses your database and customer information to target images, colours, text and artwork based
on individual customer demographics, recorded behaviors and their stage within the customer journey. This ensures each customer experience is unique resulting in high engagement and increased customer response.

This effective one-to-one communication solution not only delivers high response rates but a cost-effective business strategy. Our SMART1:1 variable print technology will give you a competitive edge and together we’ll develop innovative mailing campaigns to deliver genuine results.



Our committed Account Managers can easily take you through our SMART1:1 Variable Data Print technology. We can even bring our technical and production staff for expert consultation to make sure we meet your unique business needs.

Our focus is always on understanding your business from your point of view. Whether you’re thinking about a single project or more integrated communications, our SMART1:1 technology will make sure your marketing dollars work smarter.
So call us to organise a personal demonstration today!

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