SMART1:1 extends Smartcomm’s capabilities far beyond traditional Brisbane print and mail. As an innovative online management system SMART1:1 provides a flexible, integrated communication solution bringing together the old with the new.

Our SMART1:1 technology optimises your communications and is designed to effectively:

  • Develop, distribute, and track cross media marketing campaigns across print, mail and digital channels.
  • Digitally manage your print production, procurement, ordering, invoicing and fulfillment of printed documents and marketing materials.
  • Provides digital storefronts for your staff, distributors and customers to order business collateral and create customised documents on-demand.
  • Manage and distribute digital assets including imagery, templates, logos and art files.

Through digital technologies seamlessly combined with traditional media, SMART1:1 delivers Brisbane’s best fully integrated marketing workflows. View our interactive campaign workflow to see the power of SMART1:1’s technology

SMART1:1’s advanced technology opens up a world of cross media communication opportunities to engage with your customers. By utilising one or all of our SMART1:1 components, we’ll make sure your marketing dollars work smarter.

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