What is Multi-channel Marketing?

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Multi-channel marketing is the process of interacting with consumers using both direct and indirect communication channels. These often include direct channels such as print, websites, direct mail, catalogues and indirect channels such as events, email, blogs, mobile, social media, word of mouth etc. By using a combination of these channels to engage your customers, it allows them to respond and take action using the channel they prefer.


In order for your communications to be successful you must be where your customers are, and today they are everywhere! Customers have more choices than ever when it comes to how they get their information and this is where
multi-channel marketing can come in to play.

Successful mutli-channel marketing is about identifying the channels your target customers are using and understanding how they move from one channel to another to create a seamless communication experience. Beyond knowing who your customer
is and what he/she wants, multi-channel marketing is about understanding which channel a customer prefers so you can maximise the visibility of your marketing message. This enables you to target the right audience with the right message to drive customer response whether that be increased brand engagement or product sales.


Increased customer loyalty –
Through maximising multiple channels, you can create a consistent brand message that can help build a customer following and boost retention
and loyalty.

Increased potential to drive sales –
The more visible your message is across multiple channels, the more customers you can potentially attract. If you concentrate all your efforts on a single channel, your potential to reach prospective customers is greatly reduced.

Understand your customers –

Promoting your message through multiple channels provides the opportunity to collect customer information and feedback across a wide variety of customer segments. By collecting this information, you can better understand your customers’ needs and how to improve your products and services. You can also enhance marketing efforts by identifying which channels work best for which customer segments and target messages based on the needs of that customer group.

Campaign tracking and performance –

Customer information gathered across multiple channels can help you assess your overall campaign performance. This helps determine which campaigns on which channels lead to the most sales or drive the most engagement and enables you to assess the effectiveness of your campaign and measure your Return on Investment.


Successful multi-channel marketing doesn’t happen simply by being present across various channels. You must approach your multi-channel marketing strategically in order to be successful:

Be useful and helpful –

Share relevant, interesting and consumer-minded content instead of simply pushing marketing messages. This will help to drive consumer engagement, loyalty and response. However, you must be consistent and use this approach across every tactic and channel you utilise.

Identify your customers –

A great way to understand your target customer is to develop detailed buyer personas. These should at a minimum include information on their demographics, purchase behavior, channel preference, content engagement and so on. The information from these personas can help you focus your communications relevant to each target persona.

Make sure your channels work together –

It’s not enough to be across multiple channels if they don’t work together to attract and convert customers. Your customers move across multiple channels quickly, so your marketing strategy and your data analytics need to adapt accordingly.

Ensure your website is responsive –

Today consumers use multiple platforms and devices to get information. A responsive website will ensure your target consumers have easy access to your communications.

Measure, test and learn –

In using multiple channels, you will need to carefully measure the results of each channel across your multi-channel approach. Ensure you maximise your customer data and campaign analytics to inform you on channel performance i.e. which channels are effective, which channels are influencing other channels and which channels should be removed.


Research has shown, organisations that integrate print with digital channels for their communications achieve greater customer response, engagement and cost efficiencies.

Our SMART1:1 technology provides full integration of your direct mail, email, and online channels. Using SMART1:1 and harnessing insight from your customer data, we’ll partner with you to create personalised, cross media communications to attract and retain your customers.

A multi-channel communication approach can range from a simple one off campaign to a fully automated marketing system.

Our SMART1:1 multi-channel technology provides a wide range of communication solutions for your business:

  • Renewal and bill notifications
  • Transactional and invoice correspondence
  • Direct customer correspondence
  • Fully automated marketing campaigns

SMART1:1 is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.
At the heart of SMART1:1’s technology is the integration
of logic, design and data to deliver multiple media channels without creative compromise into an effective cross media customer experience.

Our SMART1:1 technology allows developers to work within their preferred development environment. SMART1:1 is compatible with AngularJS, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5,
CSS3 to personalise responsive web designs, mobile-friendly landing sites, single-page applications and more.

With SMART1:1 all your channels work in complete harmony. The logic driving campaign variability, data and digital assets are all managed at the campaign level. This guarantees complete synchronisation of messaging regardless of the communication channel.

Whether used to acquire leads, increase sales, bolster customer loyalty or simply reduce your bottom line our integrated communication solutions will help capture your audience’s attention and deliver engaging customer communications.

Here’s how we make a typical multi-channel campaign across print, email and mobile happen.


Our committed Account Managers can easily take you through our SMART1:1 multi-channel communication system. We can even bring our technical and production staff for expert consultation to make sure we meet your unique business needs.

Our focus is always on understanding your business from your point of view. Whether you’re thinking about a single project or more integrated communications, our SMART1:1 technology will make sure your marketing dollars work smarter.
So call us to organise a personal demonstration today!

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