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This contract was successfully won due to innovative and alternative process solutions that the customer did not think were available outside the major industry suppliers. Smartcomm was able to demonstrate that we could not only meet their strict tight turnaround times but also provide a fully compliant and measurable capability including full integrated audit tracking processes from receipt of data to lodgement of mail with Australia Post.

The print and mail processing ranges from hundreds/thousands on a daily basis to many hundreds of thousands of documents processed in strictly controlled delivery timelines. During our relationship, Smartcomm has already been able to provide the Client some unique match mailing and inserting capabilities that their previous service provider was unable to do.

One sensitive management process relating to the print and mailing is that two of their marketing campaigns overlap but are processed simultaneously (next one starts before the first is finished). This process requires Smartcomm to be extremely diligent in our management of documents as the difference in the stock can be only minimal so all quality processes must be followed to ensure the right stock goes in the right envelopes.

Another highlight point worth mentioning is that Smartcomm was able to provide a 3 way intelligent match mailing utilising both cut and continuous paper stocks.

Smartcomm’s commitment to the Client as part of our SLA was to develop and implement software intelligent that not only provided them with a fully audited monitoring system but also it provided them with solutions that were not previous available to them. All in all the key SLA requirement for the Client is being extremely accurate, accountable and meeting all of their delivery timelines, which we can show is currently sitting at 99%.

With the integration of online marketing it is extremely important that Smartcomm can process data in shorter timeframes to ensure our customers gets optimum utilisation out of their data so improved workflow methodology is being continually developed for full optimisation and better overall management.

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