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Marketplace Challenge

The client is a high end Cruise and Excursions provider that has a team of highly trained and knowledgeable Sales Consultants who contact potential clients as well as an inbound call centre that receives calls generated from advertising and internet enquiries. It is a US based company with offices in Australasia and Europe with over 650,000 active members. The business is based on providing their customers with the utmost in vacation value and high level of personalised service.

The industry is highly competitive so the need to present a professional, exciting and valuable customer experience is of paramount importance. The industry’s biggest challenge is being able to respond almost instantaneously – travel deals sell out, get withdrawn and change sometimes on a minute to minute basis – it is fast paced and the customers expect and demand a quick response and turnaround.

The industry is fast moving towards the Digital era with the need to have responsive and more instantaneous solutions. Our client was mailing out generic welcome packs with no particular relevance in the content to the recipient and that were taking up to 3 weeks to send out to the client.

Marketing Strategy

The plan was to improve efficiencies in the customer experience with the relevant demographics of people, use data efficiently and creatively and give the client the ability to upload images and text as required – making it versatile and changeable to suit each recipient. The speed of data input to market was also a major requirement.

The goal was to provide a mailpack within 3 days of data receipt that grabbed the attention when taken out of the letterbox, contained relevant information, creates interest and inspires the recipient to respond, take action, update details and enjoy such a wonderful experience that they will keep coming back for more.

We needed to develop a system that brought all the elements together – The software is an “ENABLER” – it is easy to use, allows for hundreds of templates to be stored and selected as per the data requirements, can be client maintained, allows for speedy processing, high quality, relevant output and producing a sensational result for the client. We utilised software based on Advanced Digital Asset Management (ADAM) system that allows for complete control over targeted marketing, utilising the detailed data to its greatest effect.

The end result – a high quality Welcome and Information Pack that gives the recipient a taste of things to come and also drives value to other areas of the business – accommodation – Tours, Cruises and Resort Stays.

Define the Audience

A closed user group (Qualified Leads) of customers that already own a “timeshare option. Discerning, high-end customers can use that ownership to buy or part pay for a luxury cruise. The current worldwide customer base is 650K + and growing – the target audience in Australia/NZ currently is approx. 275K. Currently about 700 mailpacks per month are being generated and this is projected to grow considerably.

The Solution

The solution incorporates the Client database, Hosted Digital Asset Management & Templating modules of Adobe based software and Microsoft .xlsx technologies.

All graphic elements of the process are stored online and are maintained directly by the client, allowing them to change/update via the web portal – Demographic Images and Wrapper, Certificate and Booklet Artwork.

The ticketing module allows the configuration of the artwork to be utilised for the creation of multi-page print ready files. Unique asset identifiers created as the client uploads assets are utilised by the client within their data structure of the mail order output, matching the demographic, brand and item ID’s, to allow the client to change all graphical and text items per record. Client data output containing all data plus all graphic images is generated resulting in Microsoft .xlsx Mail Order File which is uploaded and sends notification of a new file to be processed via email.

The order file is saved locally as a Master file containing 3 files with the images embedded as multi page Print Ready PDF files ( Wrapper, Certificates and Booklets), plus Production Sheet and Billing Sheet (this creates billing costs per record, by brand and items within a pack). The production sheet holds all records generated by Mail Order File (MOF) with relevant control and sequence ID’s to ensure that all records are manufactured, collated and checked off for Quality Assurance, during the manufacturing process. Single lines within the MOF generate all of the variables for the pack – including the thickness of the pack -5mm or 10mm depending on the number of inserts in the pack (even sets them 6 up to minimise print wastage), the demographic images, Name & address detail, Certificate numbers, dates, country specific postage paid and production control elements.

The system even creates an order quantity for the number of pre-printed (non-personalised) booklets that complete the pack.

Creative Strategy

The pack needed to say “Open Me” – and contain items that would encourage the recipient to get on line or on the phone, update/add to their details – (so strengthening the data held with the client) and book that all important luxury vacation. It offered a number of Calls to Action: Telephone numbers, Online and/or QR Codes (that can be directed to any chosen site and be used to showcase Special Offers that can change as fast as the market)

The client has provided a number of images – any of which can be married up to suit the individual recipient – even to the insets appearing in the main images. The artwork is chosen to showcase the beauty of the available luxury and draw the recipient into making their dreams come true.

The whole setup has been designed to enable the campaign to be rolled out to many other Brands within the group and an Australian Solution used to go Global.

The end result of the Print ready file consists of:-

  • Outer Wrapper – Highly variable Images selected from the library and consistent with the demographic – Images for both the outer pack and the insets within the artwork stored for Older Couples (No Kids or empty Nesters), Families with Young Children, Family Group (Older teenage children), and Young Couple with no children and Groups (Family/Friends).

And then any or all of the following:-

  • Stacked Insert Cards – Personalised during Digital Print and relevant to the recipient
  • Certificates for Two for One Offer
  • Information Guide
  • Member User guide

The system also allows for more inserts to be included in wrappers (increasing the outer size as required) as the campaign develops.

Result – A mailpack that is 3 dimensional, is printed in the correct size (5mm or 10mm) to suit the number of inserts (the software recognises the right sit size to print), informative, personalised throughout and is printed with graphics that pertain to the recipient.


The results for us as the provider of the software, printers and mailers of this campaign have been driven by the response from the client as to our speed and quality into market.

The packs before this campaign starting were non-personalised, un-numbered and unprofessional with the certificates just put into an envelope. There were many data errors. There was no tracking capability and no way of knowing what had been sold, which ones had been activated or expired. In addition to that these packs could take anything up to 3-4 weeks to produce from the time that the customer joined the membership.

The time to market is now 7 days instead, the certificates are numbered, trackable – our client is “ecstatic” about the “look and feel” and quality of the packs. The customers are now receiving a high-end superior pack to match the quality of the actual product and Services offered by our client. The speed to market and the ability to track the data have achieved the results that our client was looking for. The first file processed had a total number of records of 1 and now each file is hundreds. The initial number of pack varieties was approx. 40 and now is over 400.


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