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Complete service of data development, scripting, printing and mail processing of all their essential & Direct Mail packs, which requires the management of in excess of 1,000 pallets of stock due to the number of different overprints and DM campaigns for both Australia & NZ.

The online management system is accessed globally and each stock is directly linked to the job bag to ensure we achieve the optimum stock warehouse management. Smartcomm currently manages in excess of 2,000 stock line items, which equates to over 30 million stock items held at any one time of which all stock is replaced at least once per year.

On the print and mail we currently personalise over 20 million feet, using continuous forms between 8” up to 24” in length and 8” up to 18” in width as well as cut sheet stationery up to SRA3.

The data files will come to us in several streams and these streams are merged together using an automated program, so that all the product codes are kept in strict product order for their warehouse to pick immediately. The Kern inserting machine will then use their selective inserting option to pick any amount of inserts required for any particular marketing pack.

One of Smartcomm’s KPI’s at the commencement of implementing the Client’s work was to alleviate all handline work. This issue was not only preventing the Client from achieving on time delivery but also was costing them many thousands of dollars. Through a practical approach of installing the right equipment and some re-engineering of stock packs, Smartcomm was able to achieve its KPI within 12 months.

Other achievements for this Client include:

  • Producing a solution that has allowed them to intelligently insert up 9 variable inserts
  • Build a special collation machine that allows a fully personalise standard envelope mailpack to be glued to another fully personalised document/pack
  • Develop a production solution that allowed the Client to personalise a document and overlay a self-pealing label over the personalised area. This process achieved considerable cost savings as there was no need to produce an expensive integrated label plus

The above solutions and many other production improvement solutions implemented by Smartcomm has without question saved/generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in improved productivity and subsequently improved ROI for our Client.

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