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Multi-Channel Solution (MCS)

Client approached us with a proposal for a new EDM solution. Up until this point, Client had been using an email broadcast program, which had proved to be too restrictive and cumbersome for the email solution they required. Furthermore, each email broadcast had to be sent manually.

As many of our Client’s customers are in large warehouses and workshops, they needed to be able to send out emails very early in the morning. For example, most warehouse supervisors arrive at 5:30 – 6:30AM.

Solution features:

  • Create a system where data files can be dropped on to a “hot” folder
  • The system polls the hot folder (every 15 mins) and pick up files as they appear, then sends an email confirming data receipt
  • Multiple email templates for different communications. The system sends the correct data file to the correct email template. Templates use conditional statements based on standardised flags in the data files. EG. Men get picture 1 woman get picture 2 etc.
  • File and campaign naming conventions to enable several campaigns to run on the

same day

  • Capture the normal bounces, click thrus and opens etc.
  • Export the report data (bounces, click thrus etc.) to a predefined location, and named as per the campaign name prefixed with “Report_”. Update (overwrite) this file with daily updated data for each campaign
  • System able to send SMS based on an email campaign. For example, if a certain email campaign is not opened by the customer, the system will send that customer a SMS advising them to check their email

Client’s original brief was to run 2 different data files for 2 different email templates. There are now 18 data files and templates and the list is growing. Smartcomm MCS is flexible enough to grow with the needs of a given client.

Client now use Smartcomm MCS for order confirmations, website login details, direct marketing via predictive product purchasing, as well as internal emails for process checks.

Other successful campaigns for this client include the following:

Objective: Engage current customers who may have been at a sporting event to win a prize but the customer needed to interact via their mobile phone

Client’s customers were sent a HTML email, completely personalised and with variable images asking them to SMS a code word to go into the draw for a prize. When a customer sent the SMS, a personalised email was generated and sent back to the customer advising them that their entry had been successful. The system also picked the winner and alerted the customer via SMS.

Objective: Reduce the number of customers from ordering products via the Call centre and to go to the website and order.

At the time of the first campaign 17% of the Clients customers were ordering online and the balance via a call centre. To reduce call centre costs and streamline ordering process the Client wanted to encourage their customers to go online to order.

A fully personalised mail piece was designed and digitally printed showing the customer a screen shot of the Clients website. The screen shot showed the customers last 5 recent purchases and their top 5 products they had purchased over the past year. Smartcomm had to process over 400 fields of data to achieve this level of personalisation and the first campaign achieved a 50% increase of new customers going online to order. Within 2 campaigns the total % of the client’s customer base ordering online had increased from 17% to 34%.

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